Kind Words
What our happy patients have to say 

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Loveridge. She’s the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to several. She is extremely thorough and so knowledgeable of every single part of the body from top to bottom. I love when she explains what she’s doing and why. She treated me through my last pregnancy. After 36 hours of prodromal labor, she suggested I come in, I went into active labor on the way home and was holding my baby 30 mins later. She treats my three kids, who love going to her office. She treats them when they’re sick. She was able to rid my son of being insanely ticklish. She also healed my debilitating hip pain which is now completely gone. She spends so much time on each of us, and caters her care specific to our needs. I’ve been to so many chiropractors who do the exact same thing to every patient, every time, and have a revolving door of people coming in one after another. This place is not like that at all. Dr. Loveridge is a gem and I’m so happy we found her. Nicole is wonderful too. They really care and they’re really good at what they do, and it shows so much. Would recommend 100%. -Natalie

We love Arielle! She took care of me during my pregnancy and also has helped out with my 4 year old after an epilepsy diagnosis. She is always ready to listen and genuinely wants to help. We would definitely recommend her anyone looking for a good chiropractor! - Sarah

I started going to Dr. Loveridge when I was pregnant, I worked right up until delivery and she kept my lower back and hips perfectly ready to for delivery. I’m so glad I found her she keeps my body aligned when I beat it up all week long at work. She is the best! -Kandra

After one visit with Dr. Loveridge, my baby (6months) was latching better than he ever has! Her and her staff are very welcoming and respectful. She takes the time to explain what she’s doing and why she’s doing it. Her assistant is awesome too! She was so helpful and had a lot of patience with my baby while I was getting adjusted. I’m very thankful I found them. I really wish I had known about her while I was pregnant! I 100% recommend seeing Dr. Loveridge! – Shyanne

We've been seeing Dr. Loveridge since about halfway through my first pregnancy. First I saw her because she came highly recommended by my doula, then I convinced my husband to switch from the chiropractor he was seeing and wasn't very happy and went to Dr. Loveridge. We were both so thrilled! When our daughter was born she began seeing Dr. Loveridge the week after she was born and so far her first six months have been SO EASY because she's comfortable! We can always tell when it's time for her next adjustment because she becomes so clearly uncomfortable. After her adjustment she sleeps better, is in a general better mood, and that matters to this momma! I'm expecting my second child now and you better believe I'm seeing Dr. Loveridge for this pregnancy and our second child will be seeing her once they are born too! – Katie

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