Cranial Adjustments

Cranial (head) bone adjustments are performed by the hands using EXTREMELY GENTLE pressure to release fascial restriction of the cranial bones to properly align them.

In our office, we pay very special attention to the cranial bones during your adjustment.

Common conditions that respond well to Cranial Adjustments:
Breastfeeding issues
Reading problems
Inability to focus
Post Concussion Syndrome
Traumatic Brain Injury
TMJ dysfunction
Chronic fatigue
Autism/Sensory Processing Issues
Learning Disabilities

In babies, cranial bones are often misaligned during pregnancy (due to improper fetal positioning) and childbirth (especially during a forceps, vacuum, or caesarean delivery). Proper fetal positioning during labor and delivery are important to the cranium. Contractions while the babies in the vaginal canal compress sutures and create a springing effect and aligning the sutures properly. In a cesarean birth, babies lack the proper cranial molding and result in irregular head shapes.

There are FIVE CRANIAL NERVES that innervate (go into) the tongue and surrounding tissues. This means that misalignments that chiropractors term “subluxations” in the top part of the neck or the head bones often are contributing to tighter and less functional muscles of the tongue, lips, jaw and face.  

Dr. Loveridge

In our office, Dr. Loveridge utilizes her pediatric training to assess structural issues in the spine and/or cranium that may be causing nursing difficulty.  


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