Chiropractic for Tongue Tie
Dr. Loveridge

We treat infants who have a variety of nursing issues.

Tongue ties are a fairly common issue that can lead to feeding trouble. A tongue tie which is a tethered lingual frenulum causing tightness and anchoring of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. This restricts movement necessary for nursing and normal tongue movement. In some cases of a tongue tie, surgical intervention is necessary and sometimes even to newborns. A trained dentist is typically who performs these surgical revisions. A tongue tie can later affect speech and oral issues. Of note, there is evidence that a tongue ties causes tightness throughout the body for a person’s lifetime. 

Though chiropractors do not officially diagnose a tongue tie or evaluate whether it requires surgery, Pediatric chiropractors do diagnose any musculoskeletal issues that play a role in increased tension affecting the tongue. FIVE CRANIAL NERVES innervate (go into) the tongue and surrounding tissues. Misalignments that chiropractors term “subluxations” in the top part of the neck or the head bones often are contributing to tighter and less functional muscles of the tongue, lips, jaw and face.

In our office, Dr. Loveridge utilizes her pediatric training to assess structural issues in the spine and/or cranium that may be causing nursing difficulty.

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