Chiropractic for Postpartum

Postpartum is a wonderful and challenging time. Your body has changed so much in a short amount of time. The hormones in your body have drastically changed since giving birth. One hormone that dips significantly following birth (relaxin) affects your joints, ligaments, and tissues. With this in mind, we recommend that women who have given birth come for their post-birth adjustment shortly after birth, ideally within the first 3 weeks. Areas of the pelvis that shifted out during birth are best put back in place while relaxin is readily available to make it an easy, gentle adjustment.

Breast feeding or bottle feeding an infant can cause neck/upper back and shoulder strain due to the significant time spent doing these activities. It’s important for mom’s to take care of themselves during this special time to feel their best so they can be their best for their babies.

Also, we see babies to help with breast feeding issues. We have many mom/baby duo’s seeing us during their first few months postpartum to help with breast feeding and decreasing the stress on the nervous systems of both mom and baby.

Chiropractic adjustments help decrease the risk of postpartum depression by making changes to the brain.
Based off of a 2016 study, it was shown that chiropractic adjustment changes the prefrontal cortex of the brain by 20% from just one adjustment. By changing the prefrontal cortex, chiropractic adjustments can improve focus, coordination, memory, planning tasks, task initiation.

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