Chiropractic for Infants
Dr. Loveridge

Many parents bring their infants into our office at sometimes a day or two old. Often parents bring their little one in without any concerns other than wanting them to be their healthiest self!

If there’s been a tough birth process (very long labor, very quick labor, C-section, use of forceps, etc.) then getting your baby checked by a pediatric trained chiropractor and adjusted as soon as possible is best! 

Dr. Loveridge

Parents report improvement with the following:

Reflux/spitting up, bowel movement regularity, colic, sleep, head shape/plagiocephaly, help with balancing facial features and cranial symmetry, torticollis (favoring one side and head tipped sideways), a baby who only wants to nurse on one side, breastfeeding difficulties resolved, and babies who seem overall calmer and at ease. 

Dr. Loveridge

When adjusting a small infant, there is no rotation produced in the spine nor is there any popping / “cavitation” produced. The pressure used for an adjustment is less than used to check a tomato for ripeness.


There are FIVE CRANIAL NERVES that innervate (go into) the tongue and surrounding tissues. This means that misalignments what chiropractors term “subluxations” in the top part of the neck or the head bones often are contributing to tighter and less functional muscles of the tongue, lips and face.

In our office, Dr. Loveridge utilizes her pediatric training to assess structural issues in the spine and/or cranium that may be causing nursing difficulty.  


Dr. Loveridge’s youngest patient was a close family member that was adjusted when he was just 1 hour old.  
Chiropractic for Infants

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